How to Block Out Noise That’s Coming From a Neighbor.


Screaming, yelling, shouting, snoring, banging, loud music, partying, loud talking, laughing and pretty much any sort of noise you can hear coming from the next door neighbor  are all noises we prefer to live without and it’s possible to do if you know how to block it out.

I am very light sleeper. I also get irritated by any sort of noise when I’m trying to relax or worse, sleep. But through the stress I’ve endured, I’ve learned a great deal of ways to deal with it and that’s something I know will help anyone in my position, or worse.

The main way to do it is to fight noise with…NOISE. For “once”, fighting fire with fire is actually going to make sense when you understand it. There’s going to be 3 specific products I am going to recommend you start using every single day or night and anytime you hear your neighbor get noisy and want to block it out:

1. Turn on your AC. Most noises you hear from an AC are loud enough for you to block out any outside noises, whether it’s coming from the next door neighbor to even outside noises (police sirens, storm, cars, ect…). I found that during the summers, turning on my AC at night was just the right cure to stop me from hearing my neighbors. 

I didn’t exactly put two and two together until I started turning it on, on purpose just to stop hearing them. Try this. When your mind focuses on 1 specific sound that YOU’RE making and not someone else, you will be able to relax much more.

I would recommend you also use something like a fan, but generally I don’t think they are loud enough to cover the noise you hear. However if you have something that does, literally anything and it’s safe to use without your supervision, use it.

2. Record or play a VERY long song, put on your headphones and play it all the way through your sleep or anytime you want to block out any noise. I don’t know what genre of music you prefer, but whatever relaxes you is something you should use. I have found a lot of 10 hour + songs on YouTube focused on things like meditation that when raised enough in volume is absolutely great for helping you relax and not hear a single thing. 

3. Get yourself a noise machine. The noise it makes is like a very loud fan, but it’s also a sound that helps you relax. I would recommend you use this machine if you live in a place where you can’t use an AC (maybe it’s cold outside) or you’re trying to conserve your energy bill. 

These things work for many hours without stopping (that’s what they’re designed to do!). The one I got has is called a Marpac DOHM-DS. The name isn’t what counts. What counts is that it works.

I promise that either of these 3 methods will help a lot, but there may be sounds you have difficulty blocking out. In these cases, what can also help is adding ear plugs to these 3 methods. Ear plugs alone won’t really help with loud noises, especially from neighbors, but with a loud AC or noise machine, it’s going to feel much better.

If all else fails? 

I don’t know what noise problems you’re having, but if it’s neighbors, then you need to call the police (first try talking to the neighbors and asking them to quiet down politely). 

There’s people who live in places where noise is just a part of life and silence is just unheard of (no pun intended). I know of people who actually cannot sleep without there being some kind of noise and that comes with adjustment. 

You shouldn’t have to get used to anything that causes you discomfort and affects your sleep, but understand there are solutions. 

Another helpful tip:

Turn on your TV and watch a show where you won’t hear loud sounds. There are plenty of channels that don’t play music, news or movies that have loud noises. If you turn up the volume just enough to block out outside noises, but also something that doesn’t stimulate your mind, you should be able to successfully fall asleep or focus on your own business.

Got any personal tips?

Let’s hear them all! And if you enjoyed reading this (or my amazing drawing skills), please share.


  1. Ian

    I found this article on how to block out noise that’s coming from a neighbor very useful. I can’t really use your first two tips but I am interested in finding out more about the Marpac sound machine, so I’m going to go back and read your article on that again.

    • admin

      That machine is good for helping with most noises Ian. I added extra tips for getting more out of it on the actual review page.

  2. Alex

    Good advice on noise blocking! I actually purchased pretty amazing noise cancelling headphones and that helps a lot 😉

  3. Cathy

    Hi Vitaliy, I am a light sleeper here too and I struggle with noisy neighbors especially during the weekends. Not sure about you, but I listen to some binaural beats (also from YouTube) and at the right frequency, they totally zone me out into deep sleep. It’s like magic! 🙂

    • admin

      It’s great that this helps you Cathy. But if the neighbors are being beyond reasonably loud, then you have the right to request they keep it down. If they don’t stop, calling the cops can also stop them. Just remember, you have options!

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