How to Fall Asleep When it’s Too Noisy Around You.

Any type of noise that disrupts your sleep is enough to cause stress and even if that noise stops, you’re still going to have problems going back to bed because the stress is going to be enough to keep you awake. If you can’t do anything to stop the noise around you, there’s a few things you can do to not be affected by it as much. 

Turn on your TV: 

Fighting noise with noise is not something you’d expect to work, but it does. Your job with the TV trick is to help your mind focus on a particular noise instead of anything going on elsewhere, whether it’s the neighbors or something happening outside. 

When our mind can’t understand where the noise is coming from, it causes us to stress out and that alone is enough to break your sleep entirely. When you turn on the TV, the mind focuses on the noise coming from there and you tend to relax more naturally. Try it, it’ll work. 

Usually having a low volume set is enough to help you relax, but if it’s noise you’re trying to block out, you’ll want to raise that volume to a point where it covers up most of the other noise going on around you. If possible, watch something that doesn’t have sudden explosions or shock noise moments that would startle you.

Then get into a comfortable position where you would normally be able to fall asleep and watch the video. Try to focus your mind only on what’s going on around what you’re watching. You’ll be able to fall asleep much easier this way.

Take Valerian root extract:

This is a plant that helps you relax. Whenever I am stressed and can’t use the TV or it’s just not working, I’ll take a valerian root capsule and it will really help me relax. You can do this while watching the TV as well. 

Use earplugs: 

They won’t be enough to block out all the noise, but they will help get your mind of things. Here’s some of the best earplugs.

Turn on your AC:

I’ve given this tip again and again because it works. It’s like the TV tip but if you don’t have one or don’t prefer it and even it’s really hot where you are, this would be perfect. The noise from your AC will be a shield to all other noise you can use. 

White noise machines:

The concept is the same as with the TV or AC, but it won’t be as expensive on your electric bill. White noise machines (one of the best is the Marpac DOHM) make a “wooshing” sound that can be turned to sound higher or lower depending on what level of noise you’re trying to block out. Your mind will naturally focus on that noise and help you fall asleep better.

These tips should be used IF you can’t do anything about the noise:

Usually you can. If it’s noisy neighbors, you have a few choices. If it’s outside noise, you can also try do things like call the police. 

If there’s really nothing possible, then those 5 tips will help a lot. Use them together if you have to, but usually things like turning on the TV, AC and noise white noise machine at once isn’t a smart way to go. Use one or the other as it fits the situation (AC in hot weather when there’s noise and TV).

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