About Me.

Well I guess this is where I share who I am and why I made the site:

My name is Vitaliy and I have had a major a problem, a problem that caused me a lot of stress, probably attributed to me losing hair and has led me on a quest to fix an epidemic plaguing this world, a problem that you are all familiar with if you are on this site…

That problem is the noisy neighbors.

I have an unfortunate resume to share with you when it comes to this topic and I know that in some cases, many of you have probably had worse! But here is what I’ve had to go through:

My issue with noisy neighbors began a little over 5 years ago when a downstairs neighbor moved in with his brother. Every Saturday MORNING at 8 am, he would blast rock music, music that would be in his bedroom which was right below mine.

You can imagine what it’s like to try and enjoy sleep, especially on a weekend only to be shocked (I mean that in all seriousness) into waking, the bedroom shaking and worse, having the noise from that music get magnified because the windows in his bedroom and mine were pointing outside, BUT the outside was still within the building.

My building is shaped like a square and within that square is an opening so whenever someone makes noise or plays music loudly, it’s heard across the entire building, like an annoying echo.

So add that shock, the echo and you’ve got a problem. I admit, my hot headed personality often got the best of me and I would stomp on the floor, go down there and yell at him to stop (the first time I was polite).

This wouldn’t stop and considering this was only once a week, it wasn’t bad (not compared to the next neighbors which would move in later…) but we would get into heated arguments and his brother actually called me a communist once LOL!

As time went on and the arguments continued, a “blessing” came around. The neighbors were evicted for one reason or another (A fire marshall was involved) and a period of peace would follow.

But I think I became too comfortable because the neighbors that moved in after made this guy look like nothing!

Nightmare nightbors, part II…

I should have known what to expect when the landlord of our building asked me to give a tour of my apartment to the soon to be moving in neighbors downstairs. Since their apartment would look exactly like mine.

They didn’t check out the one below because at the time, the problem that caused the previous neighbors to be evicted caused a lot of fixes and construction to happen so when the new people wanted to move in, they had to wait.

ANYWAY, about that expectation part, I knew I probably didn’t have much good to expect when the future neighbors, although polite walked into my apartment without taking of their shoes and futhermore stepping onto my carpet with them as well.

Some people just lack consideration and this would be on of their many qualities I would begin to disover over the years.

The first night they moved in showed a lot of class on their part. Loud music till around 9 PM at night on a Saturday. Then it stopped and what then followed was…

Hammering. Hammering noises heard in my bedroom of all places (I sure am lucky to pick the worst spots). And what made it SO terrible was that there was no real timing to them. It would be on and off randomly.

But the noise was just too unbearable and I had enough after it went over the 11 PM mark. I went downstairs, knocked on the door and politely asked them to stop. They apologized and I figured it was a misundersting.

30 minutes go by and again the noises persist. At that point I knew it was useless to talk to them. I had enough
and called the police. “Luckily” they arrived around 1 PM and that put an end to the noise, but I couldn’t go to
sleep until about 4 AM and I didn’t even sleep in my own bedroom, but in the living room.

That same morning, around 8:30 AM, loud music from downstairs began and I said “This isn’t going to work”. I called the landlord and told her about the problems. She called the neighbors and the noise slowly began to turn down.

But as many of you probably know with noisy neighbors, especially the inconsiderate ones, it’s probably not enough
and in my case, a “war” would persist over the next few years with these people as it wasn’t just a couple that moved
in, but also their teenage kids, a boy and a girl who at times would jump around and make a lot of noise, and even
knocked on my cieling on one occassion.

I easily get pissed off, but violence is not an answer. The best things that worked for me was calling the police and
the landlord whenever they would get out of hand and while this did help at times and it did get better over the years,
it was never a solution as sooner or later, they would start up again.

My unfortunate experiences with this led me to create this site where I accumulate information on what has worked for me and it’s much more than JUST calling the police and landlord. There are legal things you can to stop noisy neighbors and this is all information I have added to this site to help YOU fix this problem.

Now fix may not be the best word because for me personally, fix means eviction of these people, which has not yet happened but stopping noisy neighbors and improving living conditions can be considered a form of fixing so while I do show the legal options you have, I will also share REALLY life saving tips that will help you block out the noise from whatever neighbors you’re dealing with and will help improve your living conditions.

This is a massive problem that needs to be addressed and unfortunately too many people WITH authority to fix the issue just turn a blind eye towards the victims and these groups of people go unpunished. Well no more. On this site you will learn how to get justice done and it’ll all be done in a legal way.